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Hey guys my name is Emund from NY. I am mixed with Panamanian and Puerto Rican. The things I post or reblog is mostly out about men, sex, food, and luxury. Even some street stuffs too.

Hola gente me llamo Emund de Nueva York. Soy mixto con Puertorriqueno y Panameno pero el apodo es Panarriqueno. Me gusta hombre, sexo, comida, y luxe.

is it me or did Diesel Washington gain weight? Cause his ass got fatter.



They use Burt’s bees and that shit don’t work on us


I can’t.

What the fuck!

Why all my real life friends have such thin lips and ugly flat ass? I got a feeling that I’m the pretty one in the group. Maybe that why they don’t really talk to me. When I go back to NY I want friends with full lips and phat asses and real.